Need a Giving Bump This Easter?

In this FREE webinar for church leaders, we’ll show you 5 essentials to driving giving without driving away church visitors this Easter. You’ll learn:

  • Which little-used idea is the secret to growing first-time gifts
  • Why your giving bump may come a few weeks after Easter
  • How storytelling and transparency inspire confidence
  • And more

And the best part: you’ll see how Faithlife Giving can help you accomplish all this and more—in time for Easter. Register now to get instant access to the webinar!


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Trevor Cornejo
Customer Success Manager at Faithlife

Trevor Cornejo is a former pastor with nearly a decade of ministry experience. Now, as a Customer Success Manager at Faithlife, he works with churches across the world training pastors and leaders to use Faithlife products to grow in the light of the Bible. Trevor lives in Tempe, AZ along with his wife, Cat, and their two children, Ezra, and Atlas.