Why the Summer Giving Slump Happens—& Why It Doesn’t Have To

In this FREE webinar for church leaders, we’ll show you essentials to bust out of a giving slump—and how to avoid it in the first place. You’ll learn
  • How to overcome members’ top 3 objections to giving
  • What you can do to keep church giving top of mind
  • How a couple of small changes remove barriers to giving
    And more

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Trevor Cornejo
Customer Success Manager at Faithlife

Trevor Cornejo is a former pastor with nearly a decade of ministry experience. Now, as a Customer Success Manager at Faithlife, he works with churches across the world training pastors and leaders to use Faithlife products to grow in the light of the Bible. Trevor lives in Tempe, AZ along with his wife, Cat, and their two children, Ezra, and Atlas.